Rugby Betting in New Zealand

The most popular sports in New Zealand and Australia include rugby, cricket and soccer. It stands to reason then that they are also the most commonly bet on sports, with rugby being top of the list. Rugby betting is almost as popular as the game itself, and with each major match an enormous amount of bets are placed. Until recently, the only way to place a bet was by physically paying a visit to the bookie. Today, however, with amazing internet technology breakthroughs, it has never been easier to place a bet, right from your home, while at the game, or even in another country. There are dozens of rugby betting sites offering bookie services, and finding the best one can be confusing. Thankfully, is here to help.

At, we take great care in reviewing rugby betting sites and finding those that offer the best rugby betting options. From local matches to those abroad, the options are limitless, and we ensure that those with the greatest variety can be found via us. Fancy placing a bet on a match in the UK, or perhaps one in Argentina? It is possible. How about getting unique online betting options, such as guessing how many red cards will be dealt out, how many injuries there will be, or even how many fouls? It’s also possible. The rugby betting sites at offer these, and many other rugby betting opportunities, all accessible online on a desktop computer, or via your mobile phone.

Best Rugby Betting Sites

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Who has time to drive down to the bookie, find a parking space, stand in a queue, and manually place a bet? It’s time consuming, and can be a major hassle, especially if you bookie has decided to offer odds you disagree with. You would, in the past, simply have to accept these odds, or make the long journey to a different bookie. Those days are gone. Simply take out your phone, find the best odds, and place a bet, in seconds of time. Most rugby betting sites give options to multiple odds, and some even go as far as to push for better odds then competitors, offering you a deal that could only be dreamed of previously. Most of the rugby betting sites found at offer rugby betting via mobile application. Simply search for the website that best suits your needs, download the application, and get started now. Remember to be logged in to your active account to start rugby betting, and that funds are available.

Take Advantage of Top Rugby Bets

When signing up to a website for rugby betting, don’t forget to check which website offers the best free bet bonuses and special deals. Many rugby betting sites at offer enormous signup deals, and you should be sure to get the best possible. You may even wish to sign up with multiple rugby betting sites and get many signup bonuses. Look around, see what is offered, and don’t be afraid to take advantage. There is, after all, no better way for an online punter to get the most out of his rugby betting adventures.