Golf Betting in New Zealand

The lineage of golf goes back hundreds of years, with its roots in old Scotland. Today, played across the globe by highly skilled professionals, the sport has never been so popular and so widely participated in. There are no borders where this highly professional sport is concerned, and virtually every country takes part at least to some degree. It is also a popular sport on which to bet, with bookies offering odds on every tournament played.

As the betting industry has evolved, however, so has the means by which golf may be bet on. At we have scoured the web, found the best online bookies out there, and compiled then in one easily navigated online location, many of them offering multiple device options like iPad betting apps. We aim to help you participate in golf betting with the least amount of hassle, best available odds, and most varied golf betting options. Read on to learn more about golf betting in the modern world.

Best Golf Betting Sites

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Think you can recognise a modern golf playing genius? Great! Get online, place your bet, and rake in the winnings. Where golf is concerned, being a sport played by one man against others, normally over a period of days or weeks, bookies tend to offer a variety of golf betting options. From guessing the results of one single round, to predicting the outcome of an entire season, you can make a number of golf bets with different odds on each outcome.

Place Golf Bets on the Open

Of course, as with all sports, the risk equals the value. But what about going a bit off the beaten track, and placing golf bets on something you may not have previously considered? How about betting on how many balls you think will land up in the water hazard over a season? Sound crazy? Not at all; modern bookies have opened up their golf betting options to include a whole new world of betting. Novelty bets, such as the afore mentioned water hazard concept, are now being offered to draw in new punters from all walks of life. Check the websites at and see what there is to strike your interest.

Safe US Masters Golf Championship Betting

Many still consider the online world to be a dangerous place, and for that reason still prefer to do their golf betting in the real world. This is a valid concern, of course, as with any situation where money changes hands. But NZ online betting bookies have a pristine reputation, with no reported case of online theft ever where online betting is concerned. State of the art encryption services are used, as well as a twenty four hour monitoring system, meaning that when you place golf bets online, it is statistically safer then placing one at a real world bookie. Browse the collection o websites at and see for yourself that every location is licensed, certified, and has a one hundred percent safety record. Placing golf bets at real world bookies is the real risk, not to mention that online payouts are faster, more reliable, and odds are often better. To learn more about online safety, contact the customer support centre of your favourite online bookie.