New Zealand Sports Betting Guides

At we treat placing bets as an art form. Anyone can slap down a hundred dollars on a game, proudly declaring that their favourite team will be the winner. But it takes a veteran punter to know that loving a team does not mean that team will win, and that where your money is concerned, loyalty shouldn’t always be the deciding factor. Sure, betting for fun is entertaining, but when you get serious about NZ sports betting, there is more then a few things to keep in mind. This is our basic guide to making better betting decisions.

Everyone knows that odds are generally determined by the likelihood of an event occurring, as well as being how much will be won if the event does occur.  If the odds are, for example, 4/1, it means that for every $1 you place, you will get back $4. Whereas 1/4 odds means that for ever $4 you bet, you will get back $1. So how does a bookie decide which odds to assign to which event? Simple; a bookie doesn’t want to go bankrupt. He or she will not payout huge amounts for a sure thing, and will often even refuse to take bets if the event is almost certainly going to go one way or the other. NZ sports betting is about taking risks, and if there is no risk, there is no fun, or financial sense in taking bets.

Best NZ Sports Betting Guides

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A good punter, however, is one who recognises a good thing when it appears. What if the odds were good, but you had an idea that there was a reasonable chance of winning? What if the star player of a team was injured before a big match, drastically reducing the overall skill of the team, and hence lowering their chances of winning? Betting against them may be a good move. Bookies, of course, also know this, and may change odds to compensate for that injury. This is what makes NZ sports betting fun, and also what makes it a far more complicated situation then some may think.

Sports Betting Guide – Doing Research

A serious punter does their research, and places bets accordingly. How can you ever expect to make a good decision, if you don’t have all the information? Look at a team, its history, any recent developments that have occurred in its player line-up and what record it has playing against a particular opposing team. Do they have a record of playing well against this team, do they tend to play better when a certain player is on top form? Consider this information when looking to place NFL bets, and bet accordingly. Some punters spend hours researching, while others have entire like-minded networks that discuss potential outcomes at great length. It may not be necessary to make NZ sports betting an obsession, but it sure helps if you put in some effort and start learning the deeper layers of the game.

Safe Bet Versus Risky Betting Guides

A good NZ sports betting guide will always mention that every online bet made does not have to payout a small fortune. Safe bets are a punters staple, and earning just a small amount on many bets is a good way to keep in the green. Be sure you have a reasonable chance when making a high paying risky bet. There are no trophies for betting wild and losing, and certainly no financial benefit. Choose your high odds bets wisely, and don’t be afraid to go long periods of time without placing any high odds bets at all.

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