New Zealand’s Best Online Totes Betting

Totes are pooled bets placed on the horse races where multiple bettors place multiple bets and the total amount is then pooled together and distributed amongst the winners according to the totes betting odds of the final results. The amounts distributed are determined according to the total size of the pooled amount which means the closing of the tote bets is when the final winning amounts are decided upon.

Online betting in New Zealand is become increasing popular with horse racing betting being a favourite. There are many exciting and different types of tote bets that can be placed on the horse races with Totes being one of the greatest. In order to get the most out of these pooled bets it is best to place them only at reliable online betting sites that offer the best online totes betting for New Zealanders who love to bet.

Best Totes Betting Sites

TOP Best online Totes BETTING SITESJuly 2024
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The selection of online betting sites that claim to offer the best online totes betting around is simply overwhelming. The sites are not in fact all reliable and trustworthy but there are still plenty around that do offer the best of the best. These are the ones you will find here at where our experts have found the top rated online tote betting sites offering the best online Totes in New Zealand. When you register for your free account at any of our top recommended online betting sites in NZ you are guaranteed to find the better Totes around with better winning chances.

You will find comprehensive information about all of the best online totes betting at our top recommended online betting sites in New Zealand which you can use to help you place the best bets possible. There are a variety of different types of tote betting that are beneficial for different amounts of money bet and for the different types of horse races.

The Different Types of Tote Bets

The simplest and most popular bets for beginners are Wins, Places and Each Way bets. Wins are when you bet on the horse that you think will win the race while Places are tote bets placed on the horses that you think will come in second and third. The Each Way bets are a combination of Wins and Places where you bet on which horses you believe will come in first, second and third place.

The best online totes betting include a variety of exotic tote bets that add excitement and various winning odds. These include Trifecta and Exacta bet where the first three winners and the first two winners in a race are bet on respectively. A jackpot is placed on the winning horse for each race in an event which in turn rewards hugely with higher winning amounts.

You will also come across even more exotic types of tote bets which all promise huge rewards when won but require more of a challenge when placing bets. These include the Scoop 6 where every winner for every race on any day must be named and the Swinger where two horses must be picked that you think will end up in any of the top three spots.