Racing Betting in New Zealand

The word racing is a broad term including a variety of popular sports in many different categories. Some swear by horse racing, insisting that it is the purest form, not clouded by the technological advances that can greatly alter other forms racing. Some prefer Formula One, saying that nothing beats the high octane scenarios and roaring engines.

Others can’t get enough of greyhound racing, loving the excitement and prestigious heritage. Whatever you prefer, all the varieties of racing can be bet on, with each having a dedicated, passionate fan base. Each form has its own betting strategies, and number of things to take into consideration before putting down money. We at have dedicated ourselves to listing the racing betting sites that not only have the best online betting options, but those that have the best betting guides and active punter forums. Read on to learn how best to take advantage of the modern world of bet making.

Best Racing Betting Sites

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It’s fine to put down a few dollars on a horse, dog, car or motorbike, then cross your fingers and hope for the best. But there is a whole world of strategy out there that can make you a more professional punter. Which horse is having a bad season, and which at the peak of its racing career? Which Formula One team is opting to test a new technology, and which has the best pit crew?

These things matter, and can greatly effect who will win, who will lose, and who is a better bet. This information is available, and networks of punters go through great lengths to learn and share winning tips. Many of the racing betting sites at have whole sections dedicated to the sharing of this information, and not taking advantage of it is crazy. Get active, find a forum that is based around your favourite form of racing betting, and start being a professional bet maker. Browse now and see which website is best for your personal preferences.

Racing Betting Variety And Choice

Racing betting is obviously not always just about deciding on who will be the winner. There are a variety of bets aimed to help spread the risk and avoid a punter going home empty handed. You may, for example, place a bet on if your racer will be first, second, or third, as apposed to just the straight up winner. Of course, payouts will always be less for anything lower then first place, put some payout is better then an empty wallet.

You may even place combination bets, putting money both on a high risk, and low risk racer, meaning that you can cover the costs of the high risk bet with the low risk bet, and vice versa. Racing betting is not just about the excitement, but also about being smart and balancing risks. has gone out of its way to list racing betting sites that offer these alternative bets.

Mobile Phone Bet Making

The modern era of technology allows for amazing convenience and flexibility, and by tapping into these breakthroughs, a punter can be more active then ever before. The racing betting sites at almost all have mobile phone applications, with both Android betting apps and Apple options. Start taking advantage and open up a whole new world of options.