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Ladbrokes has been a long-time industry leader in sports betting as it was established as far back as the 19th century and has made waves across the globe, with their online presence doing the same after opening roughly 100 years later.

One of the great things about Ladbrokes is that there are multiple sports betting opportunities to be taken advantage of for New Zealand punters, and these are generally accompanied by a great bonus or promotion, all of which will be discussed in the Ladbrokes sportsbook review for New Zealand punters.

Betting at Ladbrokes Sportsbook

Ladbrokes is considered to be one of the world’s sports betting giants, operating over 2200 betting shops in UK alone and holding a great reputation worldwide thanks to their online department that offers their services to New Zealand punters.

Ladbrokes offers Kiwis a full range of promotional offers that make the experience that much better, including their Odds On reward card that allows a player’s bets to count towards their reward scheme.


When reviewing and researching a particular sportsbook in order to determine whether it is a good match it is imperative that punters make themselves aware of all of the details, regardless of how minor they may appear.

The software that is utilised at Ladbrokes sportsbook is produced by leading developers in sportsbook software, OpenBet. With a top-notch company behind the software, punters can rest assured they will have an enjoyable experience.

User Experience

The amount of ease that accompanies the user experience, as well as the intuitive nature that ceases to impress, is one of the key aspects of this site and one of the main reasons it gains such great popularity with beginners.

Efforts have been made to use all available space above the homepage fold in order to promote any upcoming events and betting opportunities.

Marketing banners have also been narrowed so as to give more prominence to in-running betting opportunities that are instantly available.

Odds and Prices

New Zealand punters may not necessarily find that Ladbrokes has the very best in odds when they compare them to other industry leaders, however, they do boast quality odds on popular markets such a football league.

The odds can certainly be considered fair when you take a much closer look at them and consider what else is offered, but there are many that would say that the odds are not the best on the market.

Betting Options

Ladbrokes offers New Zealand punters a vast array of markets that cover more than 30 sports, with most football matches that are screened on TV live seeing up to as many as 120 markets on offer.

What’s more, it is now possible to place significantly sized bets online without having to go through being referred to a trading manager in the call centre. Markets have even broadened to the point where they are now offered on events like general elections and even reality shows.

The key markets offered at Ladbrokes NZ include football, baseball, tennis, MMA, cricket, boxing, basketball, horse racing, greyhound racing and more.

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