Cycling Betting in New Zealand

A cycling event is always fun to watch, and when you’ve got money on the outcome it’s even more exciting. Today you can bet on events all over the world from New Zealand, and you’ll find all the country’s best and brightest betting sites right here on

Besides pointing you in the direction of the right bookmakers, we’ll help you enjoy your cycling betting and win big with strategy advice and guidelines to wagering on the different events. This includes the ups and downs of cycling betting, of course, as detailed below.

As you start to place wagers on cycling events with online sports bets bookies in New Zealand, the most sensible place to start is with the main events of the sport: The European Grand Tours. This will expose you to every kind of betting possibility, and once you’ve learnt them all you can carry the skills to smaller races.

There are 3 Grand Tours, namely the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España. Each is ridden over 21 days, and by the end you’ll have seen all the different challenges that the cyclists face and will have real insight into the events and performances.

Best Cycling Betting Sites

TOP Cycling BETTING SITESJuly 2024
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The online New Zealand punting sites that we review here at offer every kind of cycling wager you can imagine. As you start out, choose the simpler straight bets that require you to name the winner of a stage or race. Head-to-head cycling bets are also a good way to begin, since the only thing you’re doing is predicting which of 2 cyclists will be ranked higher at the end of a race or stage.

Once you’ve gained a little more experience, insight and confidence, you can look into exotic punts and wagers that are based on specific events. For example, you could place cycling bets on who would win the Polka Dot Jersey in the Tour de France. Also known as King of the Mountains, this is given to the cyclist that performs the best in mountainous terrain. Live cycling betting, where you punt as the action unfolds, offers new challenges and rewards as well. The more you place cycling bets, the more you’ll discover using your favourite Android betting apps.

Successful Cycling Bets Strategies

It takes time to develop the skills needed for cycling wagers, and your own style will emerge as you do it more and more. In the meantime, there are a few basic pointers to take note of.

First of all, you should punt with restraint. The best chance of decent payouts is to stay in the race for as long as possible, and your best chance of doing that is to spread small stakes over several riders. Back stage winners with modest amounts all the way through.

As with any event, we recommend that you do as much research as possible before putting money down. Check out rider performances in different conditions such as various terrains and changing altitudes, and check how the team works together.

You should also find out weather predictions and a prospective team’s game plan. The best tactic has been shown to be riding for the most points and stage wins possible, so make sure you back a squad planning to do this. Take all these pointers out for a spin now and enjoy some cycling betting at some of the great New Zealand sites we’ve found for you!