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At we are dedicated to bringing you the cream of the crop where online bookies are concerned. We spend hours scouring the web, searching for the best of the best, and putting them through our stringent tests. We consider every aspect of a bookmaker, from the odds they offer, to the special features they do and don’t have. We check their backgrounds, ensure they are secure, and read reviews from hundreds of punters. And, only if an online bookmaker meets our high standards, do we then put them forward to be considered by you, New Zealand and Australia. We are dedicated to the world of online betting.

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We love feedback, and we love hearing from our users. We want our website to be easily navigated, user friendly, and above all, helpful. We understand the online bet making community, and have designed our website to best suit this community. But we also aim to improve ourselves. When users ask for it, we do our best do deliver, quickly and efficiently. We encourage all users to send us their comments and feedback, both positive and negative. We are, after all, here to help you be satisfied with your online bet making experience. Please contact our dedicated customer support centre whenever you have something to say.

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We don’t cater only for those interested in rugby or cricket, although we also understand these are the most popular betting sports. We are well aware that the community of New Zealand punters is a broad one, consisting of those who like to bet on darts and MMA as much as they do rugby. We are here for all punters, veteran and casual, and take fringe sports as seriously as we do main stream sports. Do you prefer betting on e-sports? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy the world of Hollywood novelty bets or online election predictions? We’re here for you. Whatever your betting preference, we here to help you find the best online bookie possible.

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We like to give every online bookie a fair chance, but we also recognise excellence when it comes along. When we spot something special, we’ll let you know. You are, of course, free to browse at your leisure and find your own way, but we pride ourselves on having top ten lists that showcase the best the web has to offer. If we suggest it, you can be sure an online bookie is on the cutting edge of technology, offers the widest range of bets, and has a professional customer support centre. Of course, if you don’t agree with out lists, and have had a good or bad experience, let us know and we’ll adjust our lists accordingly.

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Try now and decide for yourself if we live up to our promises. We welcome everyone, and strive to give the best experience possible where online betting is concerned. Contact our customer support centre if you need more information or have any questions.