NFL Betting in New Zealand

The NFL, or National Football League, is North America’s professional league of American Football teams. The sport may not be as internationally popular as other sports, such as rugby or cricket, but still has a fan base of dedicated spectators. The NFL is known beyond North America mostly in the form of movies, but still has an amount of spectators in almost every country in the world. North America itself, however, is still where the most spectators can be found by far, and to Americans the NFL is all but a religion of its own.

In Australia and New Zealand the locals tend to prefer rugby, with most giving their dedication to Australian rugby teams. But, when NFL season comes round many still gather round to support their favourite NFL teams, debate potential outcomes, and partake and NFL betting. Thankfully, with the recent developments in internet betting, Australians and New Zealanders may now place NFL bets on foreign games with amazing ease. is also here, ready to guide punters to online bookies that accept NFL bets.

Best NFL Betting Sites

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Most, if not all of the online bookies at, accept NFL betting. And, not only do they accept the bests, but also offer the latest news, live updates, strategy guides, and even have forums dedicated to fans of the sport. Australians and New Zealanders gather at these online betting forums to discuss the NFL games and speculate on where the best NFL bets can be found. Jump in now and join a forum, there is no benefit where making NFL bets is concerned to not being in the loop with latest NFL news and developments.

NFL Bets Via Mobile Phone

NFL betting can now be done via your modern mobile device. Simply make an account, download an application, and you can be placing NFL bets in a few minutes, if not a few seconds of time. The majority of NFL betting sites found at offer dedicated mobile applications like iPhone betting apps, available for free and designed with user friendly interfaces in mind. Search for an application at the Google Play Store or Apple iStore, select the application you want, wait for it to download and install, and you can start NFL betting immediately. Remember that a bank account will be required to make deposits. If you are unsure about making an account, or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate contact the customer support centre of the application you have downloaded.

Online NFL Betting Odds

The best part about NFL betting online is that digital bookies are regarded as the safest, most reliable pay to take part in bet making. Modern encryption systems mean that intercepting online payments is virtually impossible, making it a far safer option to physically visiting a real world bookie. And, even better then that, online bookies are also renowned for giving better NFL betting odds, and always making payouts on time. If you’re still not convinced, have a look at the safety records of online bookmakers. They are, still to this day, regarded as being one hundred percent risk free. The same cannot be said for real world bookies.