NRL Bets in New Zealand

The NRL, National Rugby League, is widely regarded as the premier league of rugby in the world. The top sixteen cream of the crop teams compete, fifteen Australian and one New Zealand, to crown themselves as the undisputed champions. There is more attendance for these championships then other rugby event, and it is said that not a pub in Australia will have anything but NRL games on their screens when game time comes around. With such passionate spectatorship, debates, arguments and even a few fights are known to occur, with fans fanatically supporting one team or another. Thankfully, with the introduction of NRL betting such disputes can be settled the non-violent way; by putting your money where your mouth is. And, should you need a guiding light into the world of online betting, has you covered with both desktop and mobile betting options.

By far the most popular form of online betting in New Zealand and Australia, NRL betting is an ever growing scene, with more punters then ever before putting down dollars to support their favourite team. Dozens of online bookies have sprung up to accommodate the situation, and it can now be said a bet maker is truly spoilt for choice. But then, with internet technology what it is, it is no wonder the NRL betting game is growing on a daily basis. With a smart phone, a few dollars in their pocket, and sense of adventure, anyone can take part. But with so many online choice, how is one to navigate this sometimes confusing situation? At, we have taken the time to find, review, catalogue and list NRL betting sites, making it easier for both veteran and casual punters to find the best deals possible. Jump in now and see for yourself out comprehensive list, keeping mind that new bookies are being added regularly.

Best NRL Betting Sites

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When participating in NRL betting, it is common to simply bet on the team you support. And this is, of course, an entertaining bet to make. But there is a whole world of other betting opportunities. Why not bet on how many injuries there will be in game? Or how about how many red cards? Not your cup of tea? How about betting when the first substitution will be made, or if their will be a fight? It may sound unusual, bet many online bookies are opening up to a whole new type of betting game. These NRL bets, sometimes referred to as novelty bets, are making it easier for casual punters to get in on the action. NRL Betting on a winning team can sometimes be incredibly complicated, requiring a deep understanding of the teams. But, with such easily understood NRL bets, even someone who has never placed a bet before can have a good chance of winning. Many of the websites at accept these types of NRL bets. Look around, browse at your leisure, and find a website that best suits your personal preferences. For more information about novelty bets, or if you have any questions about the NRL bets offered by your favourite bookie, simply contact that websites customer support centre. You can even suggest such NRL bets, if they are not already offered.