Boxing Betting in New Zealand

Boxing has a rich heritage, stretching back far into history. The rules may have changed, round lengths altered, and count out time lessened, but it is still the same game, and one of the most popular across the world. The rules are simple; two men get into a ring, they punch it out, and one leaves the ring victorious. Everyone understands the rules and can get right into the action, which is why boxing betting is also one of the most bet on sports. Little else is as exciting as rooting for a fighter, especially if his win means money in your pocket. So how do you get involved in online betting boxing in modern times, and how can you be sure you getting the best possible odds? is here to help. is an online website portal, meaning that we search the web, scrutinise, review, and categorise websites, so that you don’t have too. We pay special attention to which websites offer the best boxing online betting odds and options, and put them all in one easily navigated online location. Simply logon, browse our lists, and find a website that suits your specific needs. Best of all, we update regularly, adding new websites all the time. So if a better website comes along, you’ll find it here first. Jump into now and see for yourself.

Best Boxing Betting Sites

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Betting on boxing is relatively straightforward. Who will be the winner? Odds may vary depending on the fighters, their previous experience, if either have injuries, and if the match is a championship bout or not. Many websites at, however, branch out to offer new and interesting online boxing betting options. How about betting on which man delivers more punches, or on whether either fighter will be knocked to the ground? Or how about which specific round the match ends on? These interesting betting options are possible, and can be bet on online, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Simply logon via iphone betting apps or home computer, place your bet, and be done in seconds.

Best Boxing Bets Online

You’re not restricted to local bouts either. A match across the world may be bet on, as you prefer, both major and minor. There are no restrictions of any kind, and if your online bookie doesn’t offer a specific match, contact them, and chances are they will add the match for your convenience.

More About Boxing Online Betting

All online bookie websites require an active account. This will require entering your name, email address, physical address and telephone number. Once an account is created, you may log on to websites and browse. If you’d like to place boxing bets online, however, you must have funds in your account. This requires linking a bank account and making a deposit. Once this is done, placing a bet is as simple as touching the boxing bets online on your mobile device. For more information about making an account, or about linking your bank account, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your favourite online sports betting website’s customer support centre.